White House touts voter ID registration program — in Kenya

Gabe Finger Contributor
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In a fact sheet released by The White House Thursday, the Obama administration backed democratic reforms in Kenya, including a voter ID registrationprogram.

The fact sheet, entitled: “U.S. Support for Strengthening Democratic Institutions, Rule of Law, and Human Rights in Sub-Saharan Africa,” reads: “The United States strongly supports the great strides many African countries have made to ensure good governance, rule of law, and respect for human rights. We commend the progress they have made to broaden political participation and improve governance, and will remain a steady partner as they continue to work to strengthen electoral processes.”

The administration then cited an example of improved political processes. “In Kenya, the $53 million Yes Youth Can program empowers nearly one million Kenyan youth to use their voices for advocacy in national and local policy-making, while also creating economic opportunities. In advance of Kenya’s March 2013 general elections, Yes Youth Can’s ‘My ID My Life’ campaign helped 500,000 youth obtain National identification cards, a prerequisite to voter registration, and carried out a successful nationwide campaign with Kenyan civic organizations to elicit peace pledges from all presidential aspirants.”

Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission instituted more stringent voter ID laws ahead of the aforementioned 2013 elections, boasting that the policy removed 20,000 double registered voters. (RELATED: Obama appoints anti-voter ID Dem to co-lead voter commission)

The statement seems to run counter to the Obama administration’s position on voter ID in America, which they have a long history of opposing.

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