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GOP Congressman: Immigration battle over Hispanic votes ‘misguided’ and ‘demeaning’ [VIDEO]

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer
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Rep. Lou Barletta weighs in on the immigration bill and the political wrangling to capture the Hispanic vote in an exclusive interview to be broadcast this week in The Daily Caller. The Pennsylvania Republican argues that posturing over the Latin vote is “misguided” and “demeaning” to Hispanics.

“What’s going on when Democrats and Republicans talk about immigration really is this battle over the Hispanic population now that is growing here in America and trying to win them over for future elections,” Barletta told The Daily Caller. “That is so misguided and also demeaning to the Latino population, to believe that that is more important to people who are here than a good job, a good education, a better life.”

Catch the rest of Barletta’s interview this week only on The Daily Caller.

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