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BTW, you guys, the sequester ain’t $#!+

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I don’t want to say the Obama administration is in trouble, but even WaPo can’t keep up the scare tactics anymore…

Before “sequestration” took effect, the Obama administration issued specific — and alarming — predictions about what it would bring. There would be one-hour waits at airport security. Four-hour waits at border crossings. Prison guards would be furloughed for 12 days. FBI agents, up to 14.

At the Pentagon, the military health program would be unable to pay its bills for service members. The mayhem would extend even into the pantries of the neediest Americans: Around the country, 600,000 low-income women and children would be denied federal food aid.

But none of those things happened.

No. They didn’t. We knew they wouldn’t. The people who made those claims knew they wouldn’t. They lied anyway.

Because that’s what they do. They tell the lies they need to tell, hoping just enough people believe them. They say whatever it takes to get them through the next five minutes. Then the clock starts over and they tell some more lies, preferably in direct contradiction to the earlier lies.

Repeat ad infinitum.

It must be exhausting. No wonder they all look so tired. You’d almost feel sorry for them, if they weren’t working so hard to destroy your country.

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Jim Treacher