Wendy Davis to take ‘second look’ at a run for governor of Texas

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A day after Democratic Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis condemned politicians for using abortion “to boost their own political aspirations,” Davis told NBC News she will give a “second look” at running for governor in 2014.

Davis rose to the national spotlight last week when she staged an 11-hour filibuster in an attempt to kill legislation banning abortions after 20-weeks and imposing stricter requirements on abortion facilities.

Her success at blocking the bill, at least temporarily — as the Texas state legislature is reconvening Monday to consider the bill — brought a slew of media attention and advocate praise.

Monday, Davis told NBC News that she “cannot rule out” a run for Texas governor in 2014.

“Of course it forces a second look, but I am not taking that look right now,” NBC News quotes Davis. “Right now, I’m working to try to be very strategic, and a member of the team that has to work very hard in the next few weeks to defeat this bill.”

Sunday, Davis lamented on “Face the Nation” when politicians use abortion to promote their own political aspirations.

“You know, I think really what’s happening here, Bob, is politicians are using this issue to boost their own political aspirations, their own political aspirations, their own political ambitions,” she said. “Thousands and thousands and thousands of women, will no longer have access to this safe reproductive health care.”

“And we all know what happens in the context of the lack of that access,” she continued. “We’ve seen it before in our country’s history and I fear that for their political ambitions, Gov. [Rick] Perry and Lt. Gov. [David] Dewhurst are willing to cast that aside, put women in harm’s way, in order for them to step up on the political ladder.”

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