Matt Lewis

Lagniappe: Independence Day edition

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor

The big news is obviously Egypt, but here are some good stories you might have missed…

1. “When I met Russell, he was shocked that I was white.” — DailyBeast’s great interview with Rick Rubin.

2. How does Hillary really feel about the White House Correspondents Dinner? Find out in the Washington Post’s fantastic review of Mark Leibovich’s This Town.

3. Dylan Byers explains why CNN stuck with the George Zimmerman trial even as Egypt exploded.

4. Balz Book: David Rivera helped sink Rubio’s VP prospects.

5. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker endorses a pathway to citizenship.

6. War’s horrific impact on marriage: David Wood notes that war is hell on the homefront, too.

7. Amazing NYT story: Former Nirvana and Soundgarden band member becomes elite member of U.S. Army Special Forces. Money quote:

“I saw photos of Everman in fatigues on a warship (“an antipiracy operation in Asia”). A shot of Everman with Donald Rumsfeld. Another with Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal. And that’s when it hit me. Jason Everman had finally become a rock star.”

8. National Journal: Obama ’08 deputy campaign manager now runs a coffee shop in Sioux Falls.

9. HotAir: Pro-abortion protesters drown out “Amazing Grace” with chants of “Hail Satan.”

10. NYT’s Douthat: Was Andrew Sullivan the most important public intellectual of the last 25 years?

Lagniappe: Obama’s former spiritual advisor says some government policies drive families apart.

Happy Independence Day!