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Not All Abortion Enthusiasts chant “Hail Satan” at Texas Capitol

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If I’d written the following as a joke, I’d be called a hateful, propaganda-spewing teabagger. Some will call me that anyway, actually, even though this really did happen.

Turn down your speakers or headphones, because this is LOUD.

Yes, that’s what they were chanting:

I don’t have to ask you to imagine how the media would react if a bunch of Tea Partiers started chanting “Hail Satan,” unless you were quite literally born yesterday. It wouldn’t be shrugged off as “just a joke.” We wouldn’t be the “humorless,” “overly literal” ones. Diane Sawyer and Matt Lauer and the rest of them would be Very Very Concerned indeed. The Tea Party: Satan’s Servants?

And you’d definitely see more on Google News about it than this.

(Hat tip: the unstoppable Twitchy.com)

Update: More loveliness from abortion enthusiasts: “I hope your daughter’s raped.”

Update: And even more.

Courtesy of Mollie Hemingway, who notes: “Never go full Satanist.”

Update: the atlantic lol


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