Obama Will Ignore “E-Verify” Too

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Here is the sound bite I would deliver today if anybody wanted a sound bite from me, which they don’t:

Obama has unilaterally decided to suspend Obamacare’s mandate for employers after receiving business complaints;

Don’t you think he’ll also decide to suspend the Senate Gang of 8’s mandate that employers use “E-Verify” (to screen new employees for legal status) when he receives similar business complaints?

That’s especially true since, while some Democrats defend the employer mandate, neither liberals nor libertarians nor Latino groups like E-Verify. And the E-Verify “mandate” in the Gang of 8 bill is worded suspiciously loosely. Obama might not have to break the law to simply declare the mandate satisfied (and allow legalized illegals to go ahead and get their green cards). …

Backfill: Conn Carroll has already made this argument. ..

P.S.: This is also the key point to be made about CBO’s new estimate that the expensive enforcement measures in the Senate Gang of 8 bill will reduce future illegal immigration by “33 to 50%'” (rounded up to “half” by the spinners water carriers “wonks” at WaPo). Those enforcement measures will not happen. They will be undermined judicially or administratively or–if necessary– legislatively. … CBO is estimating that even if they did happen– which they won’t!–illegal immigration would continue at 50%-67% of its former level, hardly the shining success advertised by Sen. Charles (“Illegal immigration will be a thing of the past”) Schumer. …

Mickey Kaus