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Anti-terror campaigner: ‘Boston was a reality check for this administration who sold us a lie’

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In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, president and founder of Act! for America Brigitte Gabriel forcefully argued that the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon is evidence of a fundamental breakdown in the U.S. intelligence system.

“We have a problem in our country when a faith-based group that accounts for less than two percent of the American population is responsible for almost 85 percent of terrorist attacks and plots against the United States,” Gabriel said. “That’s a problem that our nation has to address. Our government was selling the lie that there is nothing to worry about, everything is fine.”

“The brothers in Boston — we did not foil their attack because of great intelligence on the part of our Homeland Security with all the eavesdropping that they are doing,” Gabriel continued. “The FBI was taking their pictures and showing it to everybody: ‘Hey, have you seen these guys before?’ … You interviewed these guys. You got intelligence from the Russians.”

Gabriel also expressed her frustration with the Obama administration’s handling of radical Islam. (RELATED: Brigitte Gabriel calls on President Obama to step down)

“Boston was a reality check for this administration, who sold us a lie that Al Qaeda is finished, the War on Terror is over, you know we have this whole thing under control. It was a reality check to the American people to realize how fast our life can change and how fast we can come back to a September 11th feeling of fear, of helplessness, of ‘Oh my God, we were attacked again,'” Gabriel said. “How could this happen? After all our president told us ‘the war is over’? It was a reality check to the American public to realize that while we have forgotten about our enemy, our enemy has not forgotten about us.”

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