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Anti-terror activist: Security of the Benghazi embassy was ‘farmed out to an al-Qaida front group’ [VIDEO]

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In an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller, anti-terror activist and founder of Act! for America Brigitte Gabriel calls out the Obama administration for its “shameful” actions in Benghazi and inability to take responsibility.

“Those who lay their life on the line and sign up to serve our country overseas, it doesn’t matter what country they are serving in, they are depending on the United States government to provide them security,” Gabriel says. “So for Ambassador Stevens to be killed, tortured, kidnapped, sodomized, which most people do not want to talk about, and dragged through the streets the way he did and here is somebody who is exemplary example of what it’s like for someone to go into a country that’s trying to establish its democracy.”

Gabriel continues: “The security of the embassy was farmed out to an Al Qaeda front group instead of our own Americans protecting the embassy. Because our president wants so much to show our enemies his goodwill and working with our enemies he assigned the security of our embassy to an Islamic front group that had direct ties to Al Qaeda. This is exactly how they found out where Ambassador Stevens went, where he was hiding and people who were supposed to protect him are basically the people that ambushed him, while the order came down to stand down, from the White House, to stand down and not allow our first responders and specials forces to go in and save the ambassador.” (RELATED: Anti-terror campaigner: ‘Boston was a reality check for this administration who sold us a lie’)

Gabriel expresses her frustration with the Obama administration’s attempted Benghazi coverup.

“I am offended and insulted as an American, as a taxpayer, that my government lied to me,” exclaims Gabriel. “[K]nowing all that, our president didn’t have the guts to come on national television and say, ‘I made a mistake, we trusted the wrong people with the security of our own embassy because I made a bad judgement -forgive me and I take the blame.’ He wasn’t man enough to stand up in front of the country and say that. That’s why we are concerned about our government. That’s why we are concerned about Benghazi and want the truth to come out.”

Discussing news coverage of Benghazi, Gabriel describes the media as facilitators, helping the Obama Administration disseminate lies.

“They basically were his enablers in getting the story and saying it was a video that instigated all these riots. Most people in that part of the world didn’t even know anything about that video or that it existed. More people found out about that video from Hilary Clinton and President Obama, standing in front of the White House, talking about the video that instigated all these riots. That’s how they found out about it — by our president.” (RELATED:

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