Rand Paul aide comments on shock jock past: ‘I abhor racism’

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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A close political aide to Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul under fire for past comments said Tuesday the news report detailing his past as the “Southern Avenger” shock jock “does not accurately reflect” the person he is today.

“Today’s article that brought my not-very-hidden radio pundit background to light does not accurately reflect me,” aide Jack Hunter said in a statement.

The Free Beacon reported Tuesday that while a shock jock radio host in South Carolina from 1999 to 2012, Hunter often wore a Confederate flag mask and wrote articles like, “John Wilkes Booth was Right.”

The Beacon headlined its story, “Rebel Yell: Rand Paul aide has history of neo-Confederate sympathies, inflammatory statements.”

On Tuesday, Hunter — who co-authored a book with Paul — said, “I abhor racism.”

“Years ago, I was a radio host whose job was to provoke and inflame,” Hunter said. “I abhor racism and I have never advocated anything other than equal protection under the law for all people.”

While a number of media outlets drew attention to Hunter’s past Tuesday, Paul’s office made clear that they are standing by Hunter.

“Sen. Paul holds his staff to a standard that includes treating every individual with equal protection and respect, without exception,” spokeswoman Moira Bagley said Tuesday.

”Our office policy is that all employees treat individuals with the equal protection of the law,” she added. “We find no evidence that this policy has been violated by any employee.”

In addition to his political work, Hunter has written op-eds for The Daily Caller.

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