Sarah Palin’s call to conservative culture

Ariel Cohen Contributor
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After years of being taunted by the liberal media, Sarah Palin believes that  it’s time for conservatives to reclaim a space on the arts and culture scene.

The tea party enthusiast and Republican commentator recently stated that conservatives should be more visible on the arts and culture scene. She is even spearheading the Conservative Cultural Revolution through the lens of  Lifetime reality television.

“Conservatives aren’t infiltrating and influencing pop culture enough, and we’re missing the boat.” Palin said in a recent interview. “That’s why I’m fine with, for instance, Bristol being on the shows she’s been on, and why I preach against preaching to the choir.”

Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol Palin, has her own Lifetime reality television show, “Life’s a Tripp.” The show, which the Washington Post  called a “new low for anyone who makes the mistake of watching,” chronicles Palin’s daughter and grandson as they make a new life in Los Angeles.

Today, most big players in the worlds of literature, film and media are admittedly liberal.

“For years, conservatives have glumly waved the white flag when it comes to influencing popular culture.” Palin said, “Defeat has been declared many times. But the civic values that conservatism cherishes — like courage, honesty, integrity, hard work, patriotism, faith, fortitude and individual liberty — are values that civilization depends upon. “

In Palin’s ideal world, conservatives would focus not just on election night, but also on Oscar night.

“We have been focused on sending our brightest and best to Washington.” Palin said “But we also need to send them to Hollywood or to the Columbia School of Journalism. “

This comes as no surprise, as Palin has become an infamous target for Hollywood jokes. During the 2008 election cycle, Tina Fey impersonated the politician. One infamous joke about Palin being able to see Russia from her house even entered the mainstream, being improperly attributed to the Alaskan politician instead of the comedian.

“We need to take back Hollywood and the mainstream news media.” Palin said. “We need to step out of our comfort zones. We can’t allow ourselves to be pushed to the margins. We can’t allow the principles upon which this nation is founded to be ignored or undermined.”


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