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TheDC Morning: On Obamacare, trust but … only trust

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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1.) On Obamacare, trust but verify trust — No to self-deport, yes to self-report. TheDC’s Caroline May reports:

“The Obama administration quietly announced Friday that it is rolling back the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that the new insurance exchanges verify applicants’ income and insurance status, according to news reports. The decision — which came in a 606-page final rule released by Health and Human Services the Friday following Independence Day — to allow enrollees to self-report information with limited verification, came the same week the administration announced it will delay for one year the requirement that businesses with 50 or more employees provide health insurance. Prior to the Friday revelation, first reported by The Washington Post, the exchanges would have had to verify the income of each enrollee and conduct random checks on applicant insurance coverage.”

A 606-page rule? Good grief.

2.) A search engine with limited search  — If you want a search engine where you can find the text of Mein Kampf but not information on the resurrection of Jesus, you’re in luck. TheDC’s Caroline May reports:

“Want haram-free Internet surfing?  There’s a search engine for that. Halalgoogling, which blocks content forbidden by Islamic law, was unveiled on Sunday, according to The Express Tribune. The Muslim-friendly search engine functions like Google but incorporates a ‘Haram Filtering System.’ … Searches for terms like ‘porn,’ ‘Playboy,’ ‘pictures of Mohammad,’ and ‘resurrection of Jesus’ yield no results other than a message reading, ‘No results found or you have searched Haram (forbidden) content.’ Users are able to retrieve articles from publications such as The Daily Caller – including a recent article featuring a nearly-nude Kate Upton atop a horse.”

FYI: You don’t have to search for the “Zionist entity” in order get information about Israel.

3.) Strikeout — TheDC’s Patrick Howley reports that the attempts to poo-poo the IRS scandal targeting conservatives have not been particularly persuasive:

“Since it was revealed in May that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) improperly targeted the tax-exempt nonprofit status of conservative groups between 2010 and 2012, defenders of the beleaguered agency have offered three broad attempts to suppress the growing IRS scandal and put the matter to rest. However, each of these three attempts failed outright, and the scandal continues, with tenacious investigations underway by the House Oversight Committee and House Ways and Means Committee. The Daily Caller presents a look at the three attempts by IRS supporters to put out the fire — and how each attempt only fanned the flames.”

The claims Howley seeks to debunk are that “The wrongdoing was committed by two ‘rogue’ IRS agents in Cincinnati,” “A ‘conservative Republican’ started the targeting,” and “Progressive groups were targeted, too.”

4.) They shaped America — Meet the conservative founding fathers. TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein reports: 

“A new book details the role played by America’s conservative founders, who were ‘every bit as important as Washington, Jefferson, and Adams,’ in shaping the destiny of the country. ‘Most histories of conservatism trace its origins back to 1790 when the British statesman Edmund Burke penned a famous essay attacking the French Revolution. I discovered a group of American Founders who advocated the same ideas a decade and a half earlier,’ David Lefer, an industry professor at Polytechnic Institute of New York University, told The Daily Caller in an interview about his recently released book, ‘The Founding Conservatives: How a Group of Unsung Heroes Saved the American Revolution.’ ‘Frankly I was also astonished to learn about the crucial role these men played in winning the War of Independence and in crafting America’s basic political structures. Collectively, the founding conservatives were every bit as important as Washington, Jefferson, and Adams. Yet, history has forgotten them.'”

5.) Tweet of Yesterday — KimJongNumberUn: In North Korea, Gangnam Style is not a “style,” it’s a crime punishable by death.

6.) Today in North Korean News — BREAKING: “DPRK Supported by Bulgarian Paper”

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