MLS team bribing fans with cash for clean language

Caitlin McClure Contributor
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Soccer fandom has a long tradition of attracting lawless, violent thugs, but one Major League Soccer (MLS) team has decided to focus on controlling obscene language and behavior by paying fans to behave.

It has become an ingrained tradition for New York Red Bulls fans to chant “you suck asshole” during goal kicks. Now the Red Bulls have proposed a creative solution to try to exterminate cursing in chanting for good.

The club announced it will offer fans straight cash in exchange for good behavior, a first attempt to offer positive reward rather than negative punishment.

The team notified its three major fan groups, the Empire Supporters Clubs, the Garden State Ultras and the Viking Army, and told them they will offer each group $500 for every home game during which “YSA” isn’t heard in the arena, Fox Sports reported.

The money will go toward the groups’ signs and displays, called tifo. One caveat: the money will be given out only in increments of $2,000, so the stadium will have to prove itself “YSA”-free for four games before any money is given out.

Watch the chant:

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