Adam Carolla rants on incompetency and indifference of government

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Comedian Adam Carolla wants you to know about the the ordeal of regulations and taxes he encountered when he tried to market his own brand of liquor.

“Why can’t I mention what I want to mention on my fucking bottle that I’m just going to pay you taxes from?” he asked on his podcast Tuesday.

Carolla, who makes “Mangria”, a bottled mix of red wine and vodka, complained that the government is the real beneficiary of his hard work.

“I’ll tell you who it’s worked out nicely for, the government,” he said. “Because the guys who make it, make it. They get, you know, three bucks a bottle. And then I invented it and I go around town fucking flogging it and selling it everywhere and I get three a bottle. And then there’s the government. They get five bucks a bottle and they don’t do shit.”

“So they really have the fucking best deal. Like whatever your deal is, records, album sales, Mangria, a book you want to write, whatever you want to do in this country, you know who has the best deal of all? The government, because they don’t even know what the fuck you’re doing.”

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