How does a homeless man serve out a house arrest sentence?

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Domenico Codispoti, 48, has been arrested for many things in Milan, including robbery and drug dealing. After going in and out of jail, he was sentenced to house arrest in 2006, despite the minor detail of being homeless.

He has to be in his sleeping area by 9 pm and is allowed to leave at 7 am, reports La Stampa. Codispoti says the court chose this sentence due to his propensity to commit most of his crimes during the night.

“Since I don’t have a house, there was no other solution left,” he said. “During the night I can’t move, I have to stay here, stuck on this sidewalk.”

He lives on the sidewalk with his pregnant girlfriend and another man. He says he’s asked the police why he can’t serve the rest of his sentence in jail. “At least there is a bed, a hot meal, water to wash yourself. But they say, ‘No,'” Codispoti told the newspaper.

Codispoti is scheduled to complete his nightly house arrest sentence in April 2014.


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