‘Sharknado’ is the next great American movie [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Forget about your happy hour plans, your intramural softball game or that it’s your grandmother’s birthday dinner. Cancel all your plans because something MUCH better has come up: Tonight, you are watching “Sharknado” on Syfy.

“Sharknado,” starring future Golden Globe winners Tara Reid and former “90210” star-turned-Chippendale Ian Ziering, is about exactly what it’s title suggests: a deadly tornado filled with angry sharks.

The trailer for the TV movie — which premieres July 11 on Syfy — features unintentionally hilarious dialogue, the best bad acting you’ll ever see, sharks raining from the sky and a very violent shark death involving a chainsaw.

It’s about time someone made a movie about the terrifying possibility of a shark-infested natural disaster.


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