Sessions: Napolitano’s tenure ‘defined by a consistent disrespect for the rule of law’

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At least one lawmaker will not miss outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

Shortly following the announcement that Napolitano will be stepping down in September, Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions issued a strong rebuke of her tenure at DHS.

“Secretary Napolitano’s tenure at the Department of Homeland Security was defined by a consistent disrespect for the rule of law,” Sessions said in a statement.

Sessions, a vocal critic of the department’s approach to immigration enforcement, said that Napolitano’s resignation should “refocus” Congress’ attention on ensuring laws are enforced, specifically immigration laws.

“The most significant obstacle to immigration reform remains President Obama’s selective enforcement of the law,” Sessions continued. “Any selection—interim or permanent—to replace Secretary Napolitano must disavow these aggressive non-enforcement directives or there is very little hope for successful immigration reform.”

He further called on Napolitanos replacement to “restore the rule of law, as well as the morale of ICE officers which has plummeted under her tenure.”

Napolitano will become the next president of the University of California system after leaving DHS. She is expected to more than triple her salary by taking the new position.

A replacement has not yet been named.

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