MIA in Kentucky, McConnell’s opponent surfaces in Martha’s Vineyard

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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The new Democratic challenger to Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell is facing criticism from Republicans for fundraising in Martha’s Vineyard, despite not having yet held any public events in Kentucky since her campaign announcement.

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes announced earlier this month that she will run against McConnell, Kentucky’s senior Republican senator, in 2014. But as local media has pointed out, her campaign rollout has been less than ideal.

“The hastily arranged event started about a half-hour behind schedule with no signs to proclaim a U.S. Senate campaign, just a banner left over from her 2011 Secretary of State race,” WHAS11 wrote of her campaign launch event. “In the bank of microphones before her, one was propped inside a roll of toilet paper.  Grimes has no active campaign website nor Facebook page.  With no place for supporters to make campaign donations, some people asked on Internet message boards where they could send a contribution.”

Critics have also pointed out that she has been MIA since that announcement, not making any public appearances – until this weekend, according to the state Republican party.

“We found Alison,” Republican Party of Kentucky spokeswoman Kelsey Cooper said in an email Saturday. “She’s not in Kentucky.”

Added Cooper: “Despite the fact that she has yet to hold any public campaign events in Kentucky, she surfaced today at Martha’s Vineyard for a fundraising event.”

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