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Ben Carson to America: Rise up and fight for freedom [VIDEO]

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Dr. Ben Carson is turning his attention from healing sick people to healing his beloved nation.

The 61-year-old recently retired as one of the most eminent and successful neurosurgeons in the country. At Johns Hopkins University, where he practiced, he performed between 15,000 and 17,000 operations over his career. Now, he wants to get America back on track.

In this video interview with The Daily Caller, Dr. Carson discusses the outpouring of support he received after his National Prayer Breakfast speech on Feb. 7, the lessons he learned practicing medicine and in his philanthropic pursuits, and his advice for how ordinary Americans can wake up and get involved to preserve freedom and what made this country great.

Carson says he is trying to “help Americans to recognize that they need to speak up,” and that “freedom is worth pursuing and it’s worth fighting for.”

“America was a great experiment to see if you could have a country that was really a country for, of and by the people and not for, of and by the government,” Carson said. “They all tend to migrate to the latter. We still have the possibility of claiming the original intent.”

Carson is getting his message out with speeches around the country, a new weekly column at The Washington Times and his latest book, “America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made this Nation Great.”

In a previous segment of the interview, Carson discussed how he believes Obama’s ideology harms race relations

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