11 signs you might be dead

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1.)  You don’t breathe


2.)  You don’t have a pulse


3.)  You sleep in a coffin


4.)  You are decomposing

Remember this disgusting thing? In 2008, it washed up on a beach in Montauk, New York and came

5.)  Instead of having a body, you are a pile of ashes

Lebanon Explosion

6.)  When someone saws off your arm with a Samurai sword, you don’t feel it

Samurai Sword Defender


7.)  When someone puts a corn dog in your mouth, you don’t taste it

Rep. Bachmann enjoys a corndog at the August 2011 Iowa State Fair. (Photo: The Daily Telegraph/Toby Harnden)

(Photo: The Daily Telegraph/Toby Harnden)

8.) You don’t seem to ever get up from your nap

Sleeping on March 27, 2012.

9.) When someone says if you smelt it you dealt it, you definitely didn’t deal it because you can’t smell anything anymore

Vikings Eagles Football

10.) You were born in 1743

Thomas Jefferson

11.) You were born in 1773

William Henry Harrison


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