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By the way, George Zimmerman’s parents are in hiding because of all the death threats

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Apparently, “Justice for Trayvon” includes threatening to kill a Hispanic guy who was found not guilty of murder, for the express reason that he was found not guilty of murder.

ABC News:

George Zimmerman immediately went back into hiding after being acquitted of murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, his parents told Barbara Walters in an exclusive interview with ABC News, adding that they haven’t seen him since he left the courthouse.

The Zimmermans said that because of “an enormous amount of death threats,” they, too, have remained in hiding and still don’t feel safe enough to return to their home in Orlando, Fla.

Let’s hear it for ABC News, reporting on the state of racial hysteria surrounding this case that’s been spun up by, among others, ABC News. It’s a perfect scam: First you go as far out of your way as you can to create a problem, and then you report on the innocent victims caught in its wake. Nice work, if you can get it.

I will never buy another product that I see advertised on a network news program. Ever. You give them your money, you’ve lost my business. But that’s just me.

Speaking of the abject stupidity and corruption of the people who claim to bring us the news:

Thomas Roberts* is only two out of three — white and male — so he gets so scold those of us who are fully evil. Actually, anybody on the left can scold you, for any reason, at any time. That’s the way it works, because shut up.

(Hat tip: JWF)

*No, there’s no reason you should know who that is.

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