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Let’s see what “Think” “Progress” considers mind-blowing

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I’m referring, of course, to this:


You’d need an electron microscope to see the brain of the typical “Think” “Progress” staffer and/or reader, so it’s no wonder their minds are blown so easily.

Here are the seven “mind-blowing” statements the juror made:

1. Martin was responsible for his own death.
2. Juror felt just as sorry for Zimmerman.
3. Zimmerman should continue to serve as a neighborhood watchman because he has learned his lesson about going too far.
4. Verdict hinged on “Stand Your Ground” law, even though Zimmerman did not use it in his defense.
5. Zimmerman was only guilty of using poor judgment and was “egged” on to follow Martin by the 9/11 operator.
6. Race played absolutely no factor in Zimmerman’s profiling of Martin.
7. Zimmerman’s history of reporting black men to the police and his decision to follow Martin played no role in the verdict.

Is your mind blown yet???

It is indeed mind-blowing that any particular juror in any particular trial in the United States might interpret a fact of the case differently than a “Think” “Progress” staffer and/or reader. But seven of them? It’s unbelievable! How is there still a single unexploded skull in the entirety of the English-speaking world?

Thanks to Igor Volsky and all the other staggering intellects at “Think” “Progress” for reminding us that when it comes to a high-profile murder trial that the media has race-baited for a year and a half, facts and evidence mean nothing.

Update: Speaking of racists like the ones at “Think” “Progress,” how about that Nancy Grace, huh?

“He’s out on bond driving through Taco Bell every night, having a churro.” Oh, that’s right, because he’s Hispanic.

How come Paula Deen got fired for something she said in private years ago, but Nancy Grace can spew racism like this on CNN Headline News?

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