The problem with being ‘bro-choice’

Eva Brates Associate, Corallo Media Strategies
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I recently happened upon a video that made me despair for my generation. The video is produced by Campus Reform, and features a reporter parodying the archetypal thoughtless college guy. The purpose: to demonstrate the recent trend toward young men whose reason for advocating lax abortion laws is the belief that young women will be more likely to have sex with them. You’re not misreading this. The message of these groups is simple, “I’m pro-choice. We should hook up?”

On the University of Colorado-Boulder’s campus, a Campus Reform reporter posed as a promoter of “bro-choice,” an idea shared by a growing number of man-children stuck in a prolonged and seemingly endless adolescence. He plays the role of an emotionally underdeveloped frat boy, without a shred of ambition and unable to grasp the concept of consequences, or the impact of casual sex for young women.

The most galling part of this video is not the fact that the young men polled were in favor of the “bro-choice” mentality, although this is a sad reminder of the increasing number of intellectually degenerate, morally debased men that our cultural decline has produced. It was the answers from the women that speaks most directly to the fact that the price of sex has declined precipitously for men in the past decade or so. When one young woman was asked by the reporter whether or not she would sleep with him if he were pro-life, she gives a blithe smile and says no. When he then asks her if his being pro-choice would get him “a little more tail,” she concedes that his reasoning is correct, and continues to grin. Way to make Mom and Dad proud, sister.

This is the scourge that feminism bestowed upon my generation of women (and men, for that matter). This is the natural conclusion of the sexual revolution — the utter falsehood that women are sexually equal, consequentially speaking, to men. Do you, my young female contemporaries, consider what happens when you sleep with him after just meeting him and you get pregnant? Either you live with having a child that you are utterly unprepared to raise and care for, or you live with the emotional consequences of having an abortion. Either way, it’s your problem. Sure, he may be saddled with child support, or having to pay for your abortion, but that’s a miniscule price to pay, comparatively. It’s not fair, but that’s life. Tough. Either accept that the natural order is what it is, or thwart it at your own risk. Women have been sold a load of bunk, to our own psychological, emotional, physical and sexual detriment.

For millennia, women have been the civilizing influence in every society. Generally, men, and especially younger men, will rise to the expectations of women in order to have sex. Prehistoric men came back from the hunt with enough food to provide for the survival of mate and children. As recently as 50 years ago, it meant making a lifelong, monogamous commitment in the form of marriage. One can still faintly hear Frank Sinatra singing the double entendre from Love and Marriage, “…you can’t have one, you can’t have none, you can’t have one without the other.” Today, for many women, men are simply expected to show up at the bar — and not be a massive jerk. That’s about it. When women cease to expect civility, chivalry, and, hopefully, monogamy as a requirement for sex, society as a whole suffers. Women who expect so little from men before hopping into bed with them have no right to complain that they don’t feel respected, loved, or appreciated.

I suspect that as many of these women graduate from college, go out on their own, and gain a bit more life experience, many of them will change their tune. Perhaps in ten years, fewer of them will think that engaging in casual sex makes them cool, or laid back, or “one of the guys.” Perhaps they will come to realize the immense and unique power that they hold and raise their expectations of male conduct. Perhaps they will come to understand and appreciate that their higher expectations of men directly result in the powerful advantages for society at large, not to mention the favorable effect on their boyfriends and eventually their husbands and families (if they choose to have either). Until then, I’m afraid the “bro-choice” line will be more appealing than “Hey babe, what’s your sign?”

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