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#JusticeForTrayvon: Hammer-attack victim in Oakland glad to be alive

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Whew! It’s a good thing the reaction to the George Zimmerman verdict has been “mostly peaceful.” That must be a great comfort to the guy who got his face smashed by a hammer-wielding thug.


The waiter who was struck in the face by a hammer-wielding assailant during a protest in downtown Oakland said Tuesday that he was recovering and glad to be alive.

Drew Cribley, 32, a server at Flora Restaurant and Bar on Telegraph Avenue, said he and co-workers went outside just after 11 p.m. Monday to stand in front of the building’s windows as protesters outraged at the acquittal of George Zimmerman in Florida marched though city streets for the third consecutive night.

Cribley said his black-masked attacker passed him on the sidewalk, then started pounding on windows with a hammer when Cribley turned and told him to stop.

“I kind of instinctively pushed him away,” Cribley said. “That’s when he turned back at me and cracked me in the cheekbone…”

Cribley was wearing glasses, which he believes absorbed some of the weapon’s force and possibly saved his life. He suffered three cuts on the left side of his face, a black eye and a swollen cheek…

I’m not sure if this counts as #JusticeForTrayvon or not, because the story doesn’t mention Cribley’s race or sexual orientation. If he’s white, “white Hispanic,” and/or gay (or merely thought to be gay), then apparently it’s okay to attack him. It was a good enough excuse for Trayvon.

Fortunately for everybody, Cribley did not attempt to defend himself from the attack. That’s why he is not, and will never be, a household name.

If you get attacked and you think your life is in danger, ask yourself this before you do anything: “Am I white, or could I be mistaken for white?” If so, either run away or just let it happen. Your life doesn’t matter, because Obama probably couldn’t be your dad.

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Update: 12 In Custody After Mob Goes On Robbery Spree In Hollywood. “It was unclear what prompted the spree, but police believe it was not a protest in response to the George Zimmerman verdict.” Of course not. How could it be?

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