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Politico and their ilk get shown up by high-school student

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Once upon a time, reporters saw it as their job to ask questions that people in power didn’t always want to answer.

Then came Politico.

But let’s back up for a minute. In case you missed it, yesterday a Daily Caller intern named Gabe Finger had the unmitigated gall to ask Jay Carney a question he wasn’t adequately prepared to filibuster and lie about.

[Apologies for the autoplay]

Finger: “Because of the death threats being received by George Zimmerman’s parents, is the president going to take any action for their security, or are they on their own?”

Then Carney passed the buck, denied any responsibility for race-baiting the case, and insulted Finger for daring to ask about the safety of an American citizen who’s been put at risk because of Obama’s irresponsible statements about the case.

Then came the whining and mockery from the hacks at Politico and their fellow travellers.

(See, it’s an “adolescent question” because the Hispanic guy has to fend for himself after being race-baited by the President of the United States.)

They really are offended, aren’t they? What a humiliating time to be a Politico staffer. By which I mean the 21st Century.

By way of comparison, here’s how our good friends at Politico would prefer a reporter to address a Democrat-controlled White House:

Anything tougher than that is “adolescent,” “pestering,” etc.

No wonder your traffic sucks, Politico. And no wonder you’re so bitter about it. Bitter enough to bully a high-school kid for doing your job better than you can. Congratulations.

As the bosses put it: “The real question is, why did it take a 16-year-old intern to raise an obvious and important question that the White House press corps should have asked days ago?” Because they’re not a press corps. They’re a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. They’re utterly corrupt, and they’ll lash out at anyone who reminds them of that.

Hats off to Gabe Finger!

Update: Jay Carney hasn’t answered nearly 9,500 questions. And he’s just getting warmed up.

Update: Noah Rothman at Mediaite has more on Politico & Friends’ swarm-like instinct to protect this White House. “This contempt the reporters and commentators displayed… probably inspired a series of high fives and ‘attaboys’ from some of their colleagues, but from outside The Bubble, the appearance of media elites bristling over the gall of an intern for merely asking a question of a government official is not a good look.”


Update: Ace describes the White House briefing room.

This is a place where people sit in assigned seats, where there’s a flag at the front of the room, and where a man sits at a podium and says things that people write down in their notebooks. Oh, and where you raise your hand to be called on to ask a question.

Obviously this is no place for a high schooler!

And Allahpundit has a good point.

I think the Caller should apologize for its bad judgment in deciding that a White House press briefing was worth attending…

You don’t need a teenager to sit there patiently while Carney says, “I’d refer you to the State Department on that” or “The president has full confidence in Attorney General Holder.” A five-year-old could do it. I’d rather hear him asked what he thinks of the “Sharknado” sequel. We might, for once, at least get an unguarded exchange.