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Were the Benghazi survivors forced to sign non-disclosure agreements?

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And if we’re not supposed to ask, why not?

You remember the attack in Benghazi, Libya, right? That’s the one where a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans were murdered by terrorists after being abandoned by Obama administration officials, who have done nothing since but lie about every single aspect of the debacle. All they cared about was getting through the election, and now we’re all just supposed to forget about it and stop asking what happened.

Well, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) isn’t having any of that. As Daniel Halper at the Weekly Standard reports, Wolf took to the House floor today to allege that Benghzai survivors are being forced to sign non-disclosure agreements:

Well, that would certainly explain why we haven’t heard from the Benghazi survivors. Being forced to sign NDAs, which would mean losing their jobs and leaving themselves open to legal action if they spoke up, would certainly do the trick.

It’s too bad there’s not a Republican in the White House. Then the press might actually start asking if this is true. And, if so, what the President of the United States and his corrupt underlings are hiding.

But that seems unlikely in a media environment where reporters feel comfortable sneering at a 16-year-old kid for asking a question they’d never have the guts or brains to ask. It’s all about protecting the Democrats.

P.S. Ed Morrissey asks:

But … would an NDA gag a witness subpoenaed by Congress? Not even a security clearance does that; whistleblowers have an ultimate path to Congress when other routes are closed or impractical. That’s why a press leak is both illegal and irresponsible. Congress can override both clearances and NDAs, with proper precautions to avoid publicizing truly sensitive material and not just that which might embarrass the executive branch, by compelling that testimony under subpoena. Expect them to do that, and perhaps add a few more to those demanding the NDAs, too, to get an explanation of where those orders originated.

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