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#JusticeForTrayvon: “Let’s go mess up Hollywood for Trayvon”

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ICYMI, on Wednesday the LA Times reported:

The rallying cries shot out across Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday evening.

“Take the riot to Hollywood,” one expletive-laden message on Twitter beseeched. “Hollywood. 7:30.”

That invitation for trouble and others like it, police believe, were the seeds of a bizarre, chaotic night in the city’s entertainment mecca that caught the LAPD off guard and left city officials scrambling to assure tourists and revelers, once again, that Hollywood is a safe place to be.

A group of 40 to 50 people, mostly teenagers, heeded the social media calls and went on what police described as a rolling crime wave…

The problems began shortly after 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, when 911 dispatchers started receiving reports of problems on Hollywood Boulevard near Vine Street — a stretch full of restaurants, clubs and shops. A group of a few dozen young people, callers said, was running in and out of traffic, knocking people over on the sidewalks and snatching their belongings. Some stole food and souvenir tchotchkes from stores as they went…

In the end, 12 people were arrested on suspicion of robbery — 11 juveniles and one 18-year-old man.

But remember: It was “mostly peaceful”! All crimes are “mostly peaceful” as long as leftists can rationalize them. As long as they can’t blame them on those damn teabaggers.

In other news of lawless behavior perpetrated in the name of Trayvon, Eric Holder is holding onto George Zimmerman’s gun, even though it’s no longer a piece of evidence because the trial is — as you may have heard — over.

But that’s the great thing about being a leftist. Nothing is ever over until you get the result you want. Rules are rules, until they stand in the way of your ambitions and goals.

Justice for Trayvon. Injustice for the Hispanic guy who got his head beaten into the sidewalk because Travyon thought he was gay. Facts and evidence and reason and simple common sense be damned. They will have their revenge, at any cost.

Welcome to Utopia.

(Hat tip: Ben Shapiro)

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