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The voice of white America: Chris Matthews

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Heads up, white folks. You don’t have to worry about explaining yourselves anymore. You don’t have to bother with denying that you’re racists, when everybody knows you’re racists due to the color of your skin.

That’s because you’ve got Chris Matthews to speak for you. See, Chris and all the people who agree with him politically are exempt from the “all white people are racists” rule. They’re immune to any charges of racism because of their paternalism and condescension toward black people.

That’s why Chris gets to say stuff like this, while everybody else is watching The Five:

“I’ll just tell ya one thing, and I’m speakin’ now for all white people, but especially who’ve tried to change for the last 50 or 60 years, and a lot of ’em have really tried to change. And I’m sorry for this stuff. That’s all I’m sayin’.”

That’s nice. Good job, Chris. Bottoms up.

Now: Who will speak for all black people and apologize for the beating of a Hispanic man on the assumption that he was gay?

Anybody? Don’t all jump up at once.

By the way, Chris, when you say you want to continue a conversation “privately or on television,” what’s the difference? Have they stopped showing you the ratings?

(Hat tip: Charlie Spiering)

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