Meet the college student who could devastate RG3’s marketability

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Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is probably hunkering down hard this weekend — even if he is still on his honeymoon in Europe — because his burgeoning endorsement empire could be in trouble.

Down-and-dirty sports gossip site reports that a seductive-looking coed and former Hooters waitress named Meredith Barber is seeking to cash in on what she promises are “inappropriate” photos she received from Griffin.

Barber, a student at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and self-described Redskins supporter, asserts that Griffin, 23, sent her the allegedly scandalous images on July 6, his wedding day.

For the record, Barber was not the blushing bride. That honor went to Rebecca Liddicoat, Griffin’s girlfriend of many years.

BustedCoverage claims that Barber contacted the website this week to chat about a previous story at the site and to discuss the possibility of selling the titillating photos.

Negotiations followed, apparently, but there was no deal. According to Fox News, the nut of the problem was that BustedCoverage was prepared to pay a measly $500 for every image except one particularly revealing pic showing Griffin’s penis.

For purposes of negotiation, presumably, Barber sent BustedCoverage a photo of a shirtless male. The male’s head was concealed. Barber told the website’s editor, Joe Kinsey, that she would give his site exclusive rights to a bunch of images and her story provided that he would not reveal her identity.

So that’s pretty much out, obviously.

The young star quarterback has substantial endorsement deals with Gatorade, Adidas and Subway among many other companies.

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