Poll: Obama’s approval rating drops for second consecutive quarter

Elizabeth Dorton Contributor

President Barack Obama’s job approval rating averaged 47.9% during his 18th quarter in office, which is the second consecutive quarter that his job approval has declined.

The president’s 18th quarter ran between April 20 and June 19, during which time Gallup Daily conducted interviews with over 45,000 adults in the U.S.

The new Gallup study also shows that this decline comes after a steady increase in approval rating for the five previous quarters, which coincide with his reelection.

The president’s best quarterly average was his first in office, where he garnered a 63% approval rating, often referred to as the “honeymoon phase” of his presidency.

During the president’s 11th quarter, after the U.S. experienced lower credit ratings and a decline in the stock market, his approval rating was at it’s worst, with a 41% average.

Gallup Daily reports that his average approval rating has not been as high as 50% since the three day period between June 25 and June 27.

This study shows that the president’s average approval rating has dropped in each of the two quarters of his second term.

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