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Bureaucrats to begrudge Brits the bytes beneficial to buffing one’s bits

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So this is what it’s (ahem) come to, in the country that gave us the word “wanker.” Now these poor sunless wretches have to ask for permission from the government to do so.

Josh Peterson reports:

British Prime Minister David Cameron announced on Monday that U.K. households will soon have to ask their Internet Service Providers for permission to receive pornographic content on the Internet, BBC reports

Cameron is claiming that the move is for the good of the children of the United Kingdom, stating that pornography is “corroding childhood…”

Search engines like Google and Bing have until October to block pornography.

So now those limeys have to ask permission to get stuff on the Internet to whack off to?

“Yes, good day… I’m quite sorry to bother you, but, um… I’d like to… er… that is to say… Oh dear, this is most distressing…” [hangs up]

Obviously, you want to keep kids away from porn, but isn’t that the parents’ job? And stopping child pornography is one thing — find those sickos and drop them in the English Channel — but this just seems like throwing out the baby-batter with the bathwater.

I wonder what they’ll call the watchlist of all the people who opt-in. “Wankers to Watch”? “Possible Punters”?

And I wonder how that information will be used against people. Because that’s what government does. It finds out everything it can about you, and it uses that information to keep you in line.

You don’t think so? Then you should pay more attention to recent events. Just wait until it happens to you.

Update: Cameron is already backing off. I said backing off.

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