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If you disagree with Alice Walker about the Zimmerman verdict, you’re probably a shapeshifting lizard-like alien

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Her words, not mine.

Alice Walker is the author of The Color Purple, The Color Purple, The Color Purple, and probably some other books. She also has some really awesome ideas about science.

But first things first. Last week, Walker wrote about her deliberately factless, emotion-based reaction to the George Zimmerman verdict. It was on the Guardian‘s “Comment Is Free” blog, because of course it was:

I deliberately watched none of the Zimmerman trial, just as I have deliberately not read a draft of a new book by Jen Marlowe and others, soon to be published: I Am Troy Davis, about a young black man in Georgia who was, by all indications, innocent of any crime – but was put to death recently by the state. News of these deaths, of Troy, of Trayvon, is so painful that I protect myself in this way…

Just heard the Zimmerman verdict. It makes me think of the man given the “pleasure” of assassinating Che Guevara. He was young, and it was his birthday. He was strutting and proud to be offered this “work”, as Che stood bleeding, weakened and alone, before him.

Fast forward to recently, when the assassin became old and ill and needed surgery – and Cuban doctors (who loved Che Guevara) did their best to heal him.

The ache of realization, of what he has done, when it comes for Zimmerman, will be all the punishment he will ever deserve.

Well, besides getting his head beaten into the sidewalk. And being made an Enemy of the State for defending his own life. But we’re not supposed to talk about that.

Anyhow, Walker then followed up on her own blog, explaining how her heartfelt essay had been tampered with:

This piece was published today in the Guardian of London (under a different title and with an added sentence contributed by the editor; a “quote” about Zimmerman’s conscience) which informed me they cannot publish the word “murder” only “killing” or “shooting death.” Thus protecting murderers – those terrorizing us all over the world – from even being adequately described.

In my women’s circles we discuss the four percent of the population that has no conscience and whether it is naive to think Zimmerman will ever suffer as I imagine he might. Such an ancient notion, really, suffering, repentance, considering how the criminals we see and recognize daily get away with murder and never have a moment, apparently, of remorse.

Of course if we are dealing with descendants of the Chitauri (See Credo Mutwa’s informative teaching on the subject of cold blooded reptilian ancestry of some humans) then we can expect more of what we are experiencing.

Well, that’s the sort of thing we all–

Wait. Hold on. What was that about the “cold blooded reptilian ancestry of some humans”?

According to Sharona Schwartz at The Blaze, Credo Mutwa is

a South African shaman who claimed to be abducted by “reptile-like” alien creatures when he was looking for herbs in Zimbabwe.


You can read more about this astonishing scientific discovery from Credo Mutwa himself at something called TruthControl. Scroll down to the part where the interviewer says, “Our readers are aware of the existence of the shape-shifting reptilian extraterrestrials…” Well, of course. Who isn’t?

As Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage notes, Walker has written more about this irrefutable scientific truth on her blog. Here she reviews a book called Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More, by British lunatic David Icke:

Earlier I wrote that David Icke reminded me of Malcolm X. I was thinking especially of Malcolm’s fearlessness. A fearlessness that made him seem cold, actually, though we know he wasn’t really. All that love of us that kept driving him to improve our lot; often into quite the wrong direction, but I need not go into that. What I was remembering was how he called our oppressors “blue eyed devils.” Now who could that have been? Well, we see them here in David Icke’s book as the descendants of the reptilian race that landed on our sweet planet the moment they could get a glimpse of it through the mist that used to cover it (before there was a moon). No kidding. Deep breath! Yes, before there was a moon! (Oh, I love the moon; can I keep it? Please?). Anyway, there they came, these space beings (we’re space beings too, of course, not to forget that). But they looked…. different than us. And they were.

They wanted gold and they wanted slaves to mine it for them. Now gosh, who does this remind us of? I only am asking. You do the work. Apparently their own planet needed this metal to continue its, apparently, long life. Credo Mutwa, Zulu shaman – and I am on my knees here in gratitude that he held on long enough to tell us about this – calls them the Chitauri, which has become my favorite word of all time (well, of this time that I’m learning all this): my partner and I go around saying Oh, Chitauri, whenever we get a glimpse of one or two of the Chitauri offspring, aka Illuminati bloodline families and their puppets, on the telly. It’s quite the stress reliever, just knowing what we’re looking at. And I like saying “telly” too, because it sounds so English and David Icke-esque. Truthfully our “telly” is our laptops.


Ya know, I thought the Chitauri were the bad guys in The Avengers movie, but clearly that was just a false flag to distract us from the fact that the real Chitauri live among us. In fact, you’re probably one of them.

You do the work. Go look in the mirror. Are you white?

Hello, Chitauri!

Need more proof than that? Okay, wingnuts, here’s your proof:

Alien? Check.
Lizard? Check.
White? Check check check!!

Any questions, teabaggers?

So there you have it. George Zimmerman is a cold-blooded murderer because he’s a descendant of lizard people from outer space. On his father’s side, at least. He’s only half-Chitauri. But clearly, that’s more than enough.

Chances are, you’ve got Chitauri blood as well. So does the President of the United States! But for some reason, the Guardian doesn’t want you to know about it.

Oh, and Walker also hates the Jews. I’m not sure which planet she thinks they came from.

Never let those white devils Chitauri shut you up, Alice Walker!

Update: The “Racist & Proud” sign-holder at that Houston pro-Zimmerman rally is a far-left activist. Or… is she? (Note: Yes. Yes, she is.)

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