Taco Bell thinks killing kids’ meals will make the brand edgy

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Taco Bell is serving its last kids’ meal in January of 2014.

The world’s largest chain of Mexican restaurant’s made the decision in order to better focus on a different demographic CEO Greg Creed told the Huffington Post.

“We want to strengthen and be really clear and focused on our brand positioning as the brand for millennials,” he said. “And a kid’s meal is just inconsistent with the edgy, left-of-center millennial brand.”

Creed said sales of the child portions accounted for only half of one percent of Taco Bell’s $35 million in gross revenue in 2012.

According to Creed, the meals were always profitable but the resources that went into them, especially the toys, could be better used else ware.

Kids’ meals have been criticized for contributing to childhood obesity but health concerns didn’t motivate the decision, he said.

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