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It turns out Joe Biden ISN’T racist against people from India!

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You probably thought he was, because of that one thing he said that one time:

“You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts [in Delaware] unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

That’s not racist though, because they’re his people. Daniel Halper at the Weekly Standard reports:

Vice President Joe Biden, speaking today at the Bombay stock exchange, claimed Indian relatives.

“Thank you all for giving me this opportunity. It’s an honor to be back in India and to be here in Mumbai,” Biden said to kick off his speech. “Off script for a second here, I was reminded — I was elected to the United States Senate when I was a 29-year-old kid back in 1972, and one of the first letters I received and I regret I never followed up on it. Maybe some genealogist in audience can follow up for me, but I received a letter from a gentleman named Biden — Biden, my name — from Mumbai, asserting that we were related. (Laughter.) Seriously. Suggesting that our mutual, great, great, great, something or other worked for the East India Trading Company back in the 1700s and came to Mumbai…”

See? So what he said before wasn’t racist. They can say that sort of stuff about each other. We’re actually the racists for thinking he’s a racist!

I’m confused about one thing, though: “Off script”? When is Joe Biden ever on script?