Citizens United attacks ‘Fast Terry’ McAuliffe in new film [VIDEO]

Alec Hill Contributor
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Citizens United released a new trailer for their upcoming documentary “Fast Terry” on Friday, which points out holes in the business record of Terry McAuliffe, current Democratic candidate for governor in Virginia.

The trailer highlights numerous false claims McAuliffe has made about his business ventures, which Citizens United asserts have delivered jobs to China instead of small American towns like Tunica, Mississippi and Franklin, Virginia,  as “Fast Terry” had promised.

“There is no plant there. There are no jobs there,” One Tunica resident complains in regards to the Greentech automobile plant that McAuliffe claimed to have opened. The depressed northwestern Mississippi town was itself only chosen after McAuliffe ran what Citizens United labels “a traveling road show” that tried — and failed — to find a home for the business in Virginia.

Having been rejected by Virginia, McAuliffe allegedly then rejected Mississippi, and opened a plant in China instead. In April, it was reported that McAuliffe had secretly resigned his position as CEO in December 2012.

 Seconds later, a clip shows MSNBC political commentator Chuck Todd taking McAuliffe to task for the contradiction that is at the heart of the movie’s premise.

“You’re building a factory in China, but this is gonna bring American jobs. There’s a little bit of a disconnect,” Todd said.

The film, which will be released online next week, will also focus on McAuliffe’s reputation as a wheeling-and-dealing political fundraiser.

“He could sell ice to the Eskimos,” a voice narrates in the middle of the video. On the movie’s website, Citizens United claims “There is no line between personal business deals and politics for McAuliffe.”


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