Clown-faced drone designed to drop Oxycontin, not missiles

Elizabeth Dorton Contributor

Axel Brechensbauer has envisioned a new kind of drone, one designed to launch happiness, cheer and clouds of opiates, instead of missiles.

Its purpose? To make a political point about the practice of dropping bombs on unsuspecting citizens.

Photo Credit- Axel Brechensbauer

Photo Credit- Axel Brechensbauer

In an interview reported by Wired, Brechensbauer explained his goal is “to underline the insanity of killing and to raise questions about the morality of using deadly force without trial,” he said.

“Imagine how highly addicted enemy combatants will gather around it, like kids around the ice cream truck. The peace drone will hover above them, nice and evil at the same time. Playing music and smiling.”

The Peace Drone, which is currently only a conceptual machine, is meant to lure enemy fighters and calm them with opiate fumes, and also intimidate them with the face of the clown and dissuade them from violence.

“Clowns are a two-sided symbol, for both fear and joy,” he said.

Brechensbauer is working on new models of the Peace Drone, which will also come equipped with hypnotizing music.

He advertises his new creation by saying further, “Happy people are better than dead people and best of all, they will be addicted to you!”

Oxycontin is essentially pharmaceutical grade heroin.

The Department of Justice has warned that an overdose can lead to death.

Brechensbauer has classified his project as “a proposal to United States Armed Forces.”

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