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Anthony Weiner’s campaign manager quits after realizing he’s Anthony Weiner’s campaign manager

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Not really a resume-enhancer, eh?


In a new sign of tumult within Anthony D. Weiner’s embattled political operation, his campaign manager has quit, leaving his already skeletal team without a day-to-day leader.

According to two people told of the decision, the campaign manager, Danny Kedem, no longer wished to oversee Mr. Weiner’s bid for New York mayor after a week of bruising revelations about the candidate’s latest online conduct…

Not long ago, Mr. Kedem made clear he had no qualms about his new job. He sent an e-mail to dozens of his associates in late June seeking volunteers and financial contributions for Mr. Weiner’s mayoral bid. “I am really proud to work for Anthony,” he wrote.

“So, Mr. Kedem, tell me about your last job.”

“Well, um, I tried to help the world’s most notorious weenie-wagger get elected mayor of New York. Until, er, he got caught doing it again, just like everybody knew he would.”

“…Hm. I think that’s all we need, Mr. Kedem. We’ll let you know.”

Everybody’s saying Weiner should pull out (GET IT???), but why? His whole campaign has been nutso from the start, and he has nothing to lose. Anyone with a conscience wouldn’t be doing this in the first place, and Weiner has even less shame than most other politicians. I say he should stay in the race as long as possible.

But then, as has been pointed out, my motives aren’t exactly pure. I’ve got my own agenda here:

Update: This is awesome.

“In the privacy of your home,” he says. I love this guy! He’s completely out of his mind.

Update: Weiner campaign paid private eye $45,000 to investigate own 2011 Twitter “hacking” lie. That was reported at the time — back when Team Blue was still defending Weiner and slandering Andrew Breitbart — but it’s worth remembering.

Update: Go, Weiner, go! He tells the Staten Island Advance:

Democrat Anthony Weiner said that the new sexting firestorm that set his City Hall campaign reeling last week will in the end make him a stronger mayor and better able to deliver for Staten Island and the rest of the city.

“I’m going to be a successful mayor because of it, because it’s going to give me a level of independence,” he told the Advance in an exclusive interview. “I’m not constructing a campaign around the approval of my peers. I’m constructing a campaign around the aspirations of my neighbors.”

Damn straight. What New Yorker doesn’t aspire to make a career out of yelling at Republicans and sending dick-pics to co-eds? Come on, New York. Pull. Together. For Weiner!