David Ortiz ejected after smashing dugout phone with bat [VIDEO]

Paxton Delany Contributor
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The Boston Red Sox’s took the win over the Baltimore Orioles, 7-2 Saturday night. But despite the win, great injustice was heaped upon the Sox’s designated hitter, David Ortiz, throughout the game.

After some controversial calls, Ortiz took out his frustration on the dugout phone instead of umpire Tim Timmons.

“If you want to get respect from the players, you respect the players,” Ortiz said of the calls. “That was horrible: Both of the pitches, not one. These people been semi-intentionally walking me all night, I don’t mind going to first base so what was the reason you’ve got to call pitches like that a strike? The funny thing is he wanted to act like it was the right call. No, I don’t play that. I don’t pitch, I don’t play defense, I hit. You’re not going to take my at-bat away from me. Period.”

Ortiz was later ejected and faces fines and possible suspension.

Either way, Red Sox won, Orioles lost.