Four hurt after freak accident sends car plowing into daycare [VIDEO]

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Three children were hurt Tuesday afternoon after car rammed through the wall of a daycare facility on Kansas City’s east side.

The freak accident occurred Tuesday afternoon when a man driving a Range Rover SUV rear-ended a parked Cadillac. He was approximately 80 years old, speculated Tye Grant, a Kansas City police captain.

The force of the collision impelled the parked car through the front wall of the daycare center.

“Inside the daycare center were approximately 40 children,” Grant said. “Two of those children were pinned by the car that went through the wall.”

Other kids were also injured, as was the driver of the SUV. All of the victims were transported to area hospitals and are currently in stable condition.

A reporter from the Associated Press also spoke to a man who witnessed the incident.

“I ran up there to see,” the man, Larry Bradford, said, “because it looked like somebody could have got killed in there. Just from a block away, that’s what I observed.”

Bradford saw at least one child who had been pinned under the wheel of the car. He said the boy was lucky to be alive.

“If it would have went eight more inches, it would have been in the center of his torso,” Bradford said.


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