The 28 Most Beautiful People On The Hill That TheDC’s Interns Found In A Single Afternoon: 2013 edition

Ariel Cohen Contributor
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WASHINGTON — It’s not that hard to find hotties on Capitol Hill.

On Wednesday, The Hill released their 2013 list of “The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People,” objectifying and ranking legislative and executive branch employees based supposedly on their looks.

Upon seeing this year’s lineup, the corners of the internet that noticed had one response — really? That’s the best the nation’s capital has to offer?

The annual list was the result of over 500 nominations from fellow staffers, and then whittled down to 50 at the editorial discretion of The Hill’s staff.

In the past, The Hill’s list has included some veritable hotties, but this year picks left something to be desired.

Sites like Buzzfeed and Fishbowl immediately came out criticizing the rankings, and Twitter piled on:

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But is finding a bunch of beauties on the Hill really that difficult? The Daily Caller decided to find out.

Dispatched with cameras in hand, three Daily Caller interns combed Capitol Hill Wednesday afternoon in search of hot staffers and interns who were willing to sign a waiver and have their pictures taken.

Unlike The Hill’s planned photo shoots, our subjects were given approximately 20 seconds to prepare for their closeup with completely amateur photographers. This is as raw as it gets, folks.

Check out our 2013 list of “The 28 Most Beautiful People On The Hill That TheDC’s Interns Found In A Single Afternoon.” The list has no particular order and is of course composed entirely of women.

Elizabeth Dorton and Gabe Finger contributed to this report.

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