Carolla tears apart The Huffington Post, left-wing Hollywood and racist-baiters

Gabe Finger Contributor
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During his podcast on Thursday, Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew discussed problems with the far left, racism, and Carolla’s simple success tips on family and education.

After suggesting that Anthony Weiner should insist that his name is actually pronounced ‘Whiner’, in order to deflect the jokes about him, Carolla discussed what he perceives as the racist-baiting of the left.

Carolla: “I did HuffPo yesterday… They wanted to get into why I called them ‘assholes’, basically, for taking my Gavin Newsome thing. They did what a lot of folks on the left do, which is they take a problem… Then they take the person who would like to find the root of the problem, label him a racist, offer no solutions for the problem, other than me and my racism and then move on. As conquering heroes, by the way. They make proclamations of a problem, and if you offer a serious solution to the problem…that becomes hate speak. I don’t know if you know this, but suggesting that families stay together and focus on education has become hate speak. Does that seem like hate speak to you? … So I get into it with [Lieutenant Governor of California] Gavin Newsom, the headline on the Huffington Post is, ‘Carolla wants to know what’s wrong with blacks and Hispanics.’ Is that what happened?… It’s not.”

The conversation with Newsom, in May, centered on Carolla attacking the Lieutenant Governor for not having a clear answer about why poverty strikes African-Americans and Hispanics in such high numbers.

Dr. Drew chimed in that “We [white people] are not allowed to weigh-in on much nowadays. Free speech is a fallacy.”

Carolla then replayed and commentated on his discussion on Tuesday with HuffPost Live.

CAROLLA: I gave him the answer which is family and education and we can all get out of this mess and he said it was more complicated than that.

HUFFPO: It is more complicated than that. It is much harder to get out of a certain income bracket if you are born into it…

CAROLLA: And that’s why you have to focus on family and education.

HUFFPO: It won’t solve everything.

CAROLLA: It would solve everything.

HUFFPO: Just family and education? What about the drug war that we have, the school to prison pipeline…

CAROLLA: The school to prison pipeline — if you focused on education, I think would interrupt the school to prison pipeline. Unless there’s physically a pipeline.

HUFFPO: Yeah, I guess schools are focusing less on education and more on reprimanding kids.

CAROLLA: Her argument, is what, about the minorities being expelled disproportionately from school? I would argue once again, family and education is going to interrupt that. But she wants to focus on why someone’s being suspended for fighting, or whatever reasons you suspend someone for. That’s been around for a long time. This hasn’t. What does she want to focus on? She wants less discipline. [She thinks] that certain cultures are being disciplined at a higher rate than other cultures.

Carolla then went on a impassioned rant about the “super left-wing cool guy comedy club” that despite their claims of his racism, are in fact the racist ones for “treating races like kids” that “can’t handle the truth.”

“You want to know what’s racist? Treating races like kids,” Carolla said. “Like they can’t handle the truth. Like they can’t pull themselves up by their own boot-straps. What’s racist is all the super-scared white people, who live in the fuckin’ triple-gated communities who are scared shitless about certain races and don’t believe, in their heart — ultimate racism — that they’re capable of doing what they’re capable of doing. That’s racism.”

“Me asking somebody…to engage in a behavior that I know would lead to a path to success is not racist… Look, listen, there’s a club in this town… The cool guy comedy club is super left-wing, throws around a lot of terms like ‘the pipeline from schools to prisons’ and ‘voter suppression’ and things like that,” Carolla continued. “The little things that you and I wouldn’t think of as a big issue, such as getting valid ID in the state that you live in, or focusing on schoolwork and education and homework and things like that. These are the things that they don’t think that certain cultures are up to. And so they use that and they sit up on top of Mount Pious, and they look down, and they throw around these terms, and then they all go to their parties that don’t involve any of these nationalities, and they smoke weed and they talk about what a racist I am.”

Additionally, Carolla attacked what he saw as the narcissistic attitude that leads people to call others racists, sexists or homophobes.

“You have to understand, every time somebody says, ‘you’re racist’, ‘you’re sexist’, ‘you’re homophobic’, really what they’re saying is, ‘I’m not’, ‘I’m better.’ It’s not really about me, it’s about them,” Carolla said. “It’s much more to do with them than does with me… It’s mainly a narcism. ‘You are fat. Thus, I am skinny.’ ‘You are racist. Thus, I’m evolved.’ ‘You’re homophobic. Thus, I am not.’ You see what I’m saying? All the finger pointing is really about self-congratulation.”

Dr. Drew warned Adam about the possibilities of the government prosecuting him for being perceived as a racist.

“Do you have any fear that the government-overreach now becomes the daddy, the boss, that you get the Justice Department coming in here because somebody rings a bell and says, ‘Adam Carolla’s a dangerous guy, you need to investigate him’, and they find some ‘t’ not crossed in your OSHA regulations. You know what I mean? They could fuck you up. Government overreach is here, man,” Drew said.

Carolla responded, “Oh no, I’m sure of it.”

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