Hawaii helps the homeless disappear one plane ticket at a time

Elizabeth Dorton Contributor
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The state of Hawaii has a brilliant plan to rid itself of homeless tramps while saving millions.

How will they achieve this?

By deporting the homeless back to the continental U.S.

The “return to home” program is set to launch this fiscal year — the state will purchase one-way plane tickets, and eventually even beds on cruise ships, to send homeless people back to their families in other regions of the country, reports MSN News.

The program will be run by Hawaii’s Department of Human Services. They have already received an initial budget of $100,000.

An estimated 17,000 homeless people live in Hawaii.

Kayla Rosenfeld, a spokeswoman for the program, highlighted the financial and administrative difficulties that could come with implementing the initiative.

“Provisions include: transportation to the airport, orientation regarding airport security and ensuring proper hygiene. Additionally, if state funds were utilized for the purpose of sending people home, the participants would be required to sign voluntary departure agreements that would need to be recorded in databases. Given these requirements and others, and a minimal appropriation of $100,000 for a three-year pilot project, providers are understandably reluctant to take on a state-funded return to home program.”

Hawaii Republican Rep. John Mizuno said that this is not simply a program designed to buy all Hawaiian homeless persons a one-way ticket off the island, but rather a way that a few can be reunited with their families.

“It’s fractional. It’s not for 5,000 homeless people. It’s going to be a handful of homeless people that we send home… to their support unit,” he said.

Homeless people are only allowed to volunteer themselves for the “return to home” program provided that they have a support system in place in their respective home states.

President Barack Obama left Hawaii in 1979 to attend Occidental College in Los Angeles, California.

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