Limbaugh to House GOP on Benghazi: ‘Waiting for CNN to do this isn’t going to cut it’ [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On his Friday radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh dissected Thursday’s revelations about last September’s Benghazi scandal aired on Jake Tapper’s CNN program, saying that Republicans “Waiting for CNN to do this isn’t going to cut it.”

According to the report, there were dozens of CIA operatives on the ground at the time terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate that resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Limbaugh said there was something more here: that the Obama administration was going around the law, and House Republicans, particularly House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, should be doing more to draw attention to the Benghazi details.

“This to me ought to be readily apparent to anybody, particularly members of Congress,” Limbaugh said. “And I like Darrell Issa, don’t misunderstand anything here. I join a lot of you in getting a little frustrated when I hear members of Congress say, ‘Well, that’s not consistent with the law.’ … Of course it’s not consistent.  That’s the problem.  The law does not constrain Barack Obama.  The law is something to be avoided, overrun, gotten around.  And it has happened.”

“One of the things that [Daniel] Henninger did in his piece yesterday, Wall Street Journal, is chronicle instances of it,” he continued. “It’s like anything else, if there’s no push back on it be — I mean, we’ve got laws against murder, but if nobody attempts to apprehend the murderer, then what good’s the law, right? You have to have enforcement. Illegal immigration. What good are the laws if you’re not going to enforce them? But we have constitutional laws, statutory law, that this administration just doesn’t like and is not going to be bound by it, and this Benghazi phony scandal is one instance of it.”

Later in the segment, Limbaugh took another shot at Republicans and called on them not to wait on CNN to uncover the details. Instead he called on them to go on the offensive much like the Democratic Party did in the 1980s with the Iran-Contra affair.

“If the Republicans would come to their senses here and perform oversight and really push back on this, the Benghazi mystery, the phony Benghazi mystery might be unraveled,” Limbaugh said. “Waiting for CNN to do this isn’t going to cut it. People need to be put under oath. Waiting for CNN to go further and unravel this, it’s time to get to the truth on this, and this has the attention of the Democrats. Democrats are scared to death what Benghazi could mean to their party, because they remember Iran-Contra, they remember what they were able to do with that, and if the Benghazi cover up reveals a CIA role in a weapons program that wasn’t authorized by Congress — and that’s where everybody’s looking now — then the Republicans might want to remind their friends across the aisle how they’ve looked at Iran-Contra all these years.”

“They wanted Reagan, and they were going to use anything to get Reagan, and Iran-Contra was their last best chance,” he continued. “They wanted to impeach Reagan. And now we’ve got a situation with Obama directly involved in a phony story about a video being responsible for a protest that got out of hand. There’s a lot of smoke here. We know there’s a fire. Will we find out?”

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