7 funniest quotes from the WaPost’s piece on Liz Cheney

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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The Washington Post is out with an unintentionally hilarious report on Liz Cheney’s campaign for senate in Wyoming. The story includes quotes from operatives and lobbyists, Dana Perino’s aunt, and some guy named “Neal” Patel.

A few of the quotes are terrifically vivid. Others are completely over the top. Either way (to save you the trouble of reading it) here are my picks for the seven best:

7. “Nobody should discount [Cheney]. Mike Enzi is in for the fight of his life.” — Steve Schmidt (channeling A-Rod?)

6. “I was excited about Palin; I’m more excited about Liz.” — Michael Goldfarb (Posted without comment.)

5. “Enzi doesn’t deserve execution.” — Ed Rogers, Republican lobbyist (making a debatable point.)

4. “[Enzi’s] soft underbelly — reasonable, occasional bipartisanship — is waiting to be gutted like a trout snagged by Dick Cheney.” (See what I mean about vivid?)

3. “She is not just her father’s daughter.” — Bill Kristol (Is there something we don’t know?)

2. “She was tea party before there was a tea party.” — Mary Matalin (The audacity of spin!)

1. “She really is a cowgirl through and through, and raised by accident in Washington. Babies don’t move wherever they want; they have to go with their parents.” — Mary Matalin (Baby Liz wanted to stay in Wyoming?)

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