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Bill Clinton: “I did not. Have. Any. Involvement with that mayoral campaign. Mr. Weiner’s…”

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Everybody remembers this magic moment in American history:

And as we all know, history has proven President Clinton right. Which is why we can trust him now, and forever.

Alexis Levinson reports:

Former President Bill Clinton made his first public comments on the New York mayor’s race, saying he and his wife Hillary Clinton were not even remotely involved in the race and declining to comment on former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal.

“We are a hundred miles from that race and everyone understands that we are not going to be involved, as long as our personal friends and people who we feel obligations are involved,” he told CNN in an interview posted Tuesday…

“Neither Hillary or I was ever involved in the political campaign, and they understood that from the beginning. There are too many people running for mayor who have been my supporters, who supported her for senator, her for president,” he said.

For what it’s worth, I believe him even though he’s the one saying it. I don’t think Bill Clinton wants anything to do with this rank amateur. Bill would never tweet a picture of his junk. (He prefers his sexual harassment up close and personal.) And in the unlikely event that he did, he’d lie about it a hell of a lot better. He has to be mortified that this chump is trying to ride his coat-tails. It’s not like there’s room anyway…

By the way, that Lewinsky “sex tape” ended up being nothing, but here it is if you’re curious:

I didn’t realize she was such a pushy yenta, but other than that, what a yawner. Oh well.

Update: Sydney Leathers says Weiner was sexting her as recently as April. Truth isn’t the way he rolls.