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Whoops, it turns out Tamerlan Tsarnaev wasn’t a Tea Partier after all

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Sorry, lefties! Well, it was a long shot anyway.

Biased BBC:

The BBC’s big song and dance about Tamerlan Tsarnaev and white supremacist literature, which it spent all yesterday gleefully reporting in its bulletins and news programmes, boiled down to roughly 20 seconds from the Panorama programme…

The actual evidence was on screen for 3 seconds. We weren’t even told what the literature was or how long Tamerlan had subscribed.

Andersson didn’t identify the literature shown but I can confirm that it was, as I said yesterday, the anti-Semitic weekly paper the American Free Press (AFP)…


That page is a book review which can be seen on the American Free Press website. It is dated 24 April, 2013 – 9 days after the Boston bombing and 5 days after Tamerlan’s death. It seems the BBC couldn’t even get hold of hard copies of the editions the older Tsarnaev was supposed to have read. Notice the name and date of the paper are still blurred at the top…

As I mentioned yesterday the American Free Press promotes conspiracies and blames the Jews for just about everything, it sympathises with Muslim grievances, and its contributors appear on Iran’s Press TV to rant about worldwide Jewish control of the media.

I must not be a very good wingnut, because I’ve never even heard of the American Free Press. Hell, I don’t even watch Iranian TV. I need to turn in my teabagger card!

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a radical Muslim who tried to kill as many people as he could, because he thought Allah wanted him to. So is his little brother, the one who sent him to his 72 virgins.

It’s a bit late to turn that one around, but nice try, BBC.

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