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Hey, Eliot Spitzer has some new campaign ads

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So far they’ve been a lot of fun. Let’s take a look at the new ones!

Okay, so he’s gotten the “Sorry for being an earthshatteringly hypocritical whoremonger” part out of the way. Now he’s trying to present himself as a champion of the little guy. No, not that little guy! Y’know, the working stiff. Er, I mean…

Wall Street and the political establishment don’t like the guy who rose to power by busting prostitution rings and then got busted with prostitutes? Well… you like him, right? Let’s show ’em all. Together! Etc.

Y, por supuesto:

Este hombre utiliza prostitutas. Él Ponga a cargo de la todo el dinero!

Spitzer’s paying for all this fawning attention himself, by the way. Which is what got him into trouble in the first place…

Update: And that’s just one of the Democratic perverts on the East Coast. Out in San Diego, it’s lucky 13 for Filthy Filner. And guess who endorsed Filner last year? C’mon, guess.