Democratic congresswoman: Filner should resign

Caroline May | Reporter

Democratic California Rep. Jackie Speier has been “disgusted” by the allegations of sexual harassment leveled against Democratic San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

Filner is currently facing sexual harassment allegations from 14 women, many of them members of the Women’s Veterans Association of America (NWVAA) in San Diego and victims of military sexual assault.

Speier, who has been a vocal advocate for victims of military sexual assault, explained to The Daily Caller in a Thursday interview that often, sexual predators will seek out and “prey on vulnerable people.”

“In [Filner’s] case, I think he was abusing his power, and I find it disgusting that he would hit on sexual assault victims in the military or veterans, I should say,” Speier said.

Speier believes Filner should step down.

“I am tired of persons who conduct themselves in a manner that is inappropriate to say I’m sorry and I’m going into therapy. ‘I’m sorry. I’m going into therapy. And I’m resigning’ is the third sentence that should be [said],” Speier explained.

She further lamented the “boys will be boys” justification for inappropriate conduct.

“When sexual harassment is identified, most in corporate America fire the harasser, and I have seen the military take the tact that ‘boys will be boys.” No, this is not a “boys will be boys’ conduct,” Speier said. “And whether you are sexually harassing in the obvious ways or you are creating a hostile work environment, in any case it is disgusting and should not be tolerated in any work environment. Particularly in government, particularly in the military.”

“And unfortunately it continues to be one of those areas where frankly I think Congress and the military has a blind spot,” she said.

Speier added that she plans to introduce legislation after August recess to require that all members of Congress and their staff undergo sexual harassment training.

“This is something I have been thinking of for a while, but it has been underscored by Filner’s conduct,” Speier said.

Filner began two weeks of therapy Monday. To date, he has refused to step down.

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