FNC’s Jonathan Hoenig: Keith Ellison financial transaction tax proposal ‘Sharia creep’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Saturday’s broadcast of “Cashin’ In” on the Fox News Channel, Capitalist Pig co-founder and Fox News contributor Jonathan Hoenig said that tax proposal offered by Minnesota Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison back in April could be a product of Ellison’s Islamic faith.

Hoenig said the Inclusive Prosperity Act, which is legislation that places a tax on financial transaction, appears to adhere to tenets of the Islamic faith, particularly Sharia law.

“I don’t know if Rep. Ellison has read the Constitution,” Hoenig said. “I know he is a practicing Muslim and in Sharia law, there is a prohibition against trading of derivatives, against speculation of any type. And so in my opinion you could make the argument this is even a little bit of Sharia creep here with the cracking down on trade, cracking down on the derivative trade, cracking down on wealth production.”


(h/t The Right Scoop)

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