David Brooks on online media: ‘There’s been a return to authority’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Sunday’s “Meet the Press” on NBC, New York Times columnist David Brooks admitted that despite the demise of the print editions, journalism can still have a life in an online format.

Brooks made those remarks regarding last week’s announcement that The Washington Post had been sold to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. According to Brooks, there has been a “return to authority” in the online media format.

“I think the audience has changed online,” Brooks said. “I think there’s been a return to authority. You know, I used to read blogs, and you’d kind of be reading something interesting, and then the blogger would write, ‘Well, I’ve got to quit now. I’m going off to junior high.’ I realized I’d been reading a 12-year old. But I think there has been a return away from some of that toward, whether it’s online or in print, a return to quality. People who actually make the calls, who are not speculating, who are reporting and I think there’s been a return to that sort of stuff.”

So while he said the “old media” seems to going away as print editions continued to cease, it will ultimately survive online.

“So I’m a little more of the belief that the old media is going to continue,” he continued. “Look at e-books — they’ve hit a plateau. Look at online — it’s hitting a plateau, I think. And so I think we’re going to be stunned by how much of the old media, whether it’s delivered online or not, is going to be around, as the audience returns to authority.”

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